Avoiding car-deer crashes

Avoiding car-deer crashes

How to avoid deer crashes

When a deer jumps out in front of your car there is not much time for you to decide what to do. It is not really possible to prepare for deer car accidents but there are some saftey measures you can remember.
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Be aware of the deer crossing signs

What to doEdit

  • Look for the deer crossing signs. They are put there for a reason so when you see one make sure you are aware that you are in a high risk area.
  • Sunset and sunrise are high risk times of the day to encounter a deer.
  • Constantly be scanning the road and your surroundings.
  • If driving in the dark, slow down a little, and scan the roads more than usual. Deer are difficult to see in the dark but you can see their eyes shining in your headlights.

And most importantly..Edit

ALWAYS wear your seatbelt